Take Woodworking Outside

Some people feel that woodworking is a hobby that is designed to be carried out inside of a workshop. Others feel that any type of construction should be done in the great outdoors. However, the truth is; you can work where you want to and in some cases, you may even benefit from the experience when you take woodworking outside.

Woodworking Goes Beyond Crafts

Woodworking is a broad term that encompasses a lot of projects that involves wood, but most people who hear the term “woodworking” feel that it is creating wooden plaques or designing beautiful shelving units. The woodworker is often credited for furniture and cabinetry. There is a lot of those type things done in a workshop, but you can also take your talent outdoors where you create other types of beautiful wooden items. For instance, by opening up your mind to the possibilities, you can create custom decks for your above ground pool like this site, a dock down by the river, or a gazebo that is more beautiful than any of your neighbors have ever seen. It may sound like things that someone would do if they were a carpenter, but you can do anything if you set your mind to it and in the end; if you can dream it-it doesn’t matter what you call yourself.

Decking Around Above Ground Pool

Construction Vs Woodworking

Construction is often done in a residential or a commercial setting. The carpenter may build staircases, erect walls, and ensure that the window openings are the same size as the window will be. A woodworker can be on a construction crew, but they may be confined to building cabinets, shelving units, and other decorative things for the home or office that they are working on. A carpenter can read blueprints and though there are some blueprints available for the woodworker; they are not as specific. Both the carpenter and the woodworker will need the same types of tools. They will both rely on their creativity and skills. They will both need saws to get the job done and know how to measure out wood to lessen mis-cuts.

Deck Built With Composite Materials

Pretty much the only difference between the two is that a carpenter will often make much more than a woodworker as a base salary. This could be simply because the woodworker does not aim to make a paycheck with something that they consider a hobby, but as far as the work they are able to do; there is no difference.

Expand Your Woodworking

If you love to work with wood, you are not alone. There are many people who enjoy woodworking and carpentry. Some people who start out as woodworkers end up becoming carpenters and vice versa. You should explore all sides of it to discover which title suits you the best if you want to, but it isn’t something you should feel required to do. You should never limit yourself to a certain type of projects if you love to work with wood and enjoy the smell of fresh cut wood. If you do; you are limiting yourself and your full woodworking potential.